Newborn Baby Clothing Essentials

Posted by Ramakant Shankar on

Selecting clothes for a newborn baby may seem to be a daunting task, but it can be quite simple if you have some guidelines to help you determine what is best for you or your loved ones child. This article will help you determine what clothing will be a suitable fit for the baby and consider what is it that babies need to feel comfortable and safe. 

You can start making a checklist of all the baby essentials that you may need and determine what you may already have in the closet or dresser drawer. Remember, a majority of the items may be received as gifts from a relative or at a baby shower. I would suggest waiting until after this special engagement to narrow down the items that are not marked off your checklist.

The number one rule should be to look for soft, comfy clothes that are easy to take care of and consider how fast babies grow! Baby clothes are absolutely adorable, tiny, cute and fun! Which makes it super easy to go overboard and spend more money than you expected.

1) Undershirts

Undershirts should be on top of your checklist with great flexibility and comfort. The less buttons the better and some clothes have simple ties that makes it convenient to put on. If the baby is trying to tug at their clothing away from their skin chances are the baby is not comfortable. Most babies hate having clothing pulled down over their heads and undershirts are pretty easy to put on. Have at least four to six of this particular item around.

2) Onesies or Rompers 

Cotton based clothing is a one-piece of clothing that can have long or short sleeves. It is the carefree outfit for summer time and a perfect under layer for winter. Have at lease a minimum quantity of seven in a baby's wardrobe. They have a snap crotch area with buttons and make the changing business easy to take care of. 

3) Footed Onesie

Just like what is mentioned in the above paragraph only the feet have coverings as well! It is a one-piece pajama. Keeps the baby warm, safe and this clothing is perfect for winter time. Just one or two will do, but it's entirely up to you! If you are or feel you will be a busy mom chances are this is your best flare.

4) Side Snap T-Shirts

The go-to piece when trying to change pampers or wash the babies feet. They are easy to get on and off. Also, are necessary for until the umbilical cord separates. Seven to ten of these would be recommended, especially for a newborn baby.

5) Infant Gowns

You can change your baby's diaper with your eyes shut! They keep your baby's feet warm and have extra mobility. They are great for at night and you can rely on them in the summertime.

6) Newborn Baby Shoes

Soft sole shoes are needed for everyday activities or even for special occasions. It is comfortable and easy to put on such as newborn moccasins, booties and soft sole shoes. Check out our shoe collection! We have a great shoe selection online that you can get at reasonable price.

7) Hats, Caps & Bonnets

You can have a lot of fun with these with a matching outfit. These help the newborn regulate his or her own body temperature. Any kind of hat or cap will be very good for conserving energy. Babies have very sensitive skin and even a little bit of sunlight can be bothersome. Definitely, add this item to your checklist.

8) Sleepwear

There are a couple items that can be used for sleepwear that were already mentioned, but diversity is key and a one-piece baby sleepwear is also an essential item to have. Of course, a babies good night sleep is very important.

9) Winter Gear

It's never too early to start shopping for winter time. A baby sweater and blanket is absolutely necessary to keep the baby warm at night or even during the day. Depending on where you live.

These are the baby essentials that we hope you have added your list. Either way be sure to check out clothing options for newborns. My BeezNest has clothes designed mainly for newborn babies and up to toddler sizes. We have a wonderful selection of clothes sets for newborns that include the cotton cap, sleepwear, undershirts, onesies and rompers.  

Winter will be here before you know it and we have winter gear to apply those layers of clothing for your babies warmth! Also, baby moccasins are trending in fashion and we just happen to have a variety to choose from.