Have you just been invited to a baby shower?

Posted by Rebecca Schuller on

It can be a bit exhausting figuring out that perfect gift for your best friend or relative. With my past experience, by the time I was finished with everything I wanted to include in my gift set the cart was jam packed! Also, a few of the items had already been picked out from other invited guests. This is an easy mistake of not really knowing who is all going to attend the shower and simply not knowing the person whom has bought the gift. 

The baby registry list tends to work quiet well in these situations, but it does have this one particular flaw, especially for those doing last minute shopping. Of course, buying the essentials of a car seat, a package of baby shampoo and oils, diapers, etc. are all very important items on the list to get. You can go another route and do something completely different and unique!

If you want to purchase a truly thoughtful baby shower gift, I would consider what is a good tip from this article, titled "9 Best Baby Shower Gifts for Moms Who Already Have Kids" by Claire Gillespie on Parents.com. While going through the list #5 catches my eye, which is family photo session. Now, I know this article is for buying gifts for mom's whom already have children, but I think it is also a great notion to consider for new mother's to be. A tight budget is always in the minds of new parents expecting and this type of gift would be great on the interior walls of the new family home. 

Baby portraits taken from a camera on the cellphone is the typical go-to these days. Not to say that it is terrible, but you want to have a quality photo and having that traditional portrait on canvas or printed is great memorabilia to hold on to. One of the options could be to include a family picture frame with inside a discounted price for a photo shoot. Even finding a friend that does digital photography can have great results and including a photograph session in your baby shower gift is definitely remembered.

With this in mind, I would like to direct you to our baby clothes web page, which has a few formal clothing items and shoes that would be a perfect clothing and gift for a baby portrait photo session. They are one of a kind, unique and worthy of todays fashion trends.