Baby Clothes Set | Product Review

Posted by Rebecca Schuller on

Today, I want to take a moment and discuss how to shop for baby clothing and what to look for, especially when buying clothing for a newborn 0-3 months old. As a new mother, you will be so busy getting over the delivery and baby outfits chosen a couple months ago will be less important as your baby will continue to grow. With this in mind, I would like to complete a product review on this newborn baby clothes set. 

The cotton is not only soft to the touch, but flexible for your baby to move around in. One of the most difficult tasks when buying a baby onesie or outfit online is finding cloth that will not be too itchy, rough or tough on sensitive baby skin.

This clothes set has seven pieces of clothing including two tops and pants, a bib, headband and cute little hat. The tops are very elegant and lightweight, which makes it breathable so your baby can stay comfortable and relaxed. I really like the fact that both tops are not exactly the same. The neckline is open due to the o-neck collar they have, but one top is button-up and the other has easy strings to tie up into bows so it's easy access. Also, one pair of pants is cut off at the ankles to have the option of putting on socks and the other pair covers the feet to keep warm. All the other items are extra bonuses.

The sizes may run a bit larger than normal, but your baby will grow into it fast and it's perfectly okay to buy a size a little bigger than what you are wanting. Keeping the clothing loose for a little wiggle room is better than having the baby too snug in their clothing that they are too warm, feel uncomfortable and can't sleep. Which is the last thing you would want to be dealing with.

You can find it in three different colors; blue, pink and yellow. Also, there are a variety of different styles you can look for. Also, this baby clothing boutique has cupcake gift boxes you can purchase with the same set for a special occasion or baby shower. 


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